Drill Team at Bobbin Hollow

Drill Team — 25 June 2012
Drill Team at Bobbin Hollow

What is a Drill Team? A “mounted” drill team is based off early Calvary and similar to a drill team on foot, but the performance is on horseback, which is complex, synchronized movements that are choreographed to music. Ours has all types of drill concepts mixed into one and consists of riders of many different levels.

What does it teach? The benefits are numerous, while teaching you how to be a better rider and increasing skills, rating a horse, horsemanship, leadership, responsibility, dedication, team player, communication, also encourage riders to work as a team toward a common goal.

What does the future hold? A drill team can perform on the road, but only when the team is formed and ready to perform. We can seek out local, regional and national venues. There are also equestrian drill team competitions throughout the country.

Our 1972 Bobbin Hollow Farm Drill Team

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