Of course, our goal is that you’ll love it at Bobbin Hollow and will stay! But it’s fine if you don’t! We want your Bobbin Hollow experience to be a great one, and will do everything in our power to make it happen.

Give us 30-60-90 days and we’ll get you moving in the right direction!

Staring out your window in the morning wondering what to do with that unruly yearling running in the paddock?

Remembering how much fun it was to plan the breeding on that two year old gelding that’s now standing in a stall (that you have to muck daily) and wondering if you’ll ever see what promise fulfilled might look like?

Not sure what to do with your former show horse, now that you don’t have time to enjoy him?

Give us 30, 60 or 90 days and let’s get something started!

Our 30-60-90 program is designed to give you solid goal posts that will move the ball forward and give you a jump start on marketing (if selling is your plan), or on discovering potential (if keeping is in the cards).

Call 352-591-1033 for pricing or use the message panel below and let’s make progress together!

Yearlings: We’ll work on getting them fit, clipped, groomed and shiny, standing up and modeling, learning how to stand for the farrier and veterinarian (if they don’t already know this), leading and learn a bit of familiarity with the round pen.

Two-Year-Olds: In 30 days, they will have experienced everything the yearlings have and potentially more. In 60 days, we hope to have them bitted and doing a bit of longlining. In 90 days, if they’re ready, we will work toward having them hooked and jogging.

 Three-Year-Olds: Depending on how much handling or serious training as a two-year-old, we would basically cover all the same bases as the two-year-olds, and if you give us 90 days, we may have them started under saddle.

Trained Horses: Of course, it all depends on how far their training went in the past, but in the case of fully trained mature horses that just need a tune up and photos and video, we can evaluate in 30 days and then plan next steps.


In all cases, we’ll have professional photographs and videos for marketing included with our training charges and even if you decide to take your horse home to continue training or marketing, you won’t leave empty handed. You’ll go home with the photos and video you need to continue toward getting it sold.

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