Q. What if I’ve never ridden before?

A. That’s okay! We welcome students of all ages who are new to riding. Take our Introductory Lesson and find out how fun it is to learn about the world of horses.

Q. What should I expect at the first lesson?

A. We require every individual to take the Introductory Lesson, whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider. During this informative lesson, riders will be put asked to do various tasks in order to determine the skill level of the rider. This lesson will introduce the rider to our facilities, horses and staff. During this lesson, you’ll be taught protocol and BHEC etiquette and safety.

Q. What’s next after the Introductory Lesson?

A. After the Introductory Lesson, we will consult with the adult rider or child’s parent to determine an appropriate lesson plan for each individual with skill, age and goals in mind.

Q. What do I wear if I have never ridden before?

A. We recommend that new students, woman/girls, wear leggings or stretch pants. Long hair must be pulled back in a low ponytail. Men/boys should wear a comfortable pant (NO baggy pants or jeans), fitted shirt or polo tucked in accompanied by hard-soled shoes/boots with a 1/2″ heel, no hiking boots. We will furnish a riding helmet, we have most children’s size boots for rent. Chaps, and/or half chaps may be used for your initial lesson. When you sign up for lessons, it is then mandatory that every student wear breeches/jodhpurs, boots, helmet, gloves and a polo-type or fitted shirt.

Q. How do I sign up?

A. Contact us at 352-591-1033 or email to discuss becoming a new member of the Bobbin Hollow team!