Reddick, FL – Bobbin Hollow Equestrian Center, Inc. is proud to announce it has been approved as a 2019 Time To Ride Program Facility.

Time To Ride is a program of the American Horse Council (AHC), a Washington, DC-based nonprofit association representing all segments of the horse industry. Time To Ride’s purpose is to foster the next generation of knowledgeable, dedicated horse owners by introducing school-age children to horse care and horseback riding in a safe, welcoming environment.

Time To Ride ProgramTo achieve the Time To Ride Program Facility designation, our riding instructors had to pass a criminal background check and complete SafeSport training through the U.S. Center for SafeSport. In addition, our farm and instructors had to meet a stringent set of standards for safety, physical facility requirements and professional experience.

In addition to providing physical exercise, learning to ride and care for horses teaches many life skills, including responsibility, patience, perseverance, and how to set and achieve goals. Unlike other forms of exercise, children experience the emotional bond that comes from caring for and riding a horse – a partnership with another living being like no other.

As a Time To Ride Program Facility, Bobbin Hollow Equestrian Center utilizes a prescribed curriculum to teach children about horse care and handling in addition to horseback riding. Through an introductory series of weekly lessons, kids learn how to properly groom a horse, parts of the horse, parts of a saddle and bridle, as well as basic riding skills.

Students enrolled in the Time To Ride Program will have once weekly two-hour training session encompassing all areas of proper horsemanship. Participants will have a blend of classroom-type education, hands-on learning about care of horses in the stable, along with horseback riding lessons. These sessions are based from learning itineraries approved by the American Horse Council for students to gain as much knowledge as possible during each semester of training.

We will be working with local schools and youth groups in the coming months to offer the Time To Ride Program to youngsters in our area. Bobbin Hollow Equestrian Center is one of only three approved Time To Ride Programs in the state of Florida.

To learn more about Bobbin Hollow Equestrian Center, call 352-591-1033 or visit To learn more about Time To Ride visit

Time To Ride® Program Pricing for New Students
Save up to 52%

Single TTR Lesson (regular price) – $125
[wpecpp name=”Single TTR Lesson” price=”$125″ align=”center”]

Package of 6 lessons ($265 savings) – $390
[wpecpp name=”Package of 6 Lessons” price=”$390″ align=”center”]

Package of 8 lessons ($355 savings) – $480
[wpecpp name=”Package of 8 Lessons” price=”$480″ align=”center”]