Our Lesson Horses

priceless caretakers

No lesson program can function without the trustworthy horses that teach and take care of our riders.

They are former show horses, or horses who’ve never seen a competition ring. They are horses we bred and raised, or that were entrusted to us by grateful clients who stepped up to younger or more competitive horses for showing. Sometimes, they’re horses we’ve rescued from difficult situations. But they all are extremely valuable members of our family!

MLF DIAMOND BAY - 1992 Morgan Gelding

Timmy“Timmy” is one of our most senior lesson horses, and he has “been there, done that”! His storied show career includes accolades in Western Pleasure, English Pleasure and Classic Pleasure, from New England to Ohio and all the way down to Florida.


Culture Shoc“Shoc” is one of our newest lesson horses and she is a many-time champion National Show Horse (Arabian/Saddlebred). She loves her treats and is always up to playing “horse show” with her lesson riders.

Culture Shoc

THE WARDEN - 2009 Saddlebred Gelding

WardenOne of our younger lesson horses, “Warden” had a successful show career in the Park Pleasure, Country Pleasure and Walk/Trot division here in the Southeast for several years. But his favorite thing now is to teach students how to “show your horse”!

ELIZABETH GEORGE - 2006 Saddlebred Mare

Elizabeth“Elizabeth” is a favorite of many of our students. A daughter of The Mystery Writer, she had a brief show career before deciding working from home was more her style.

JELLY BEAN - 2001 Welsh Pony Mare

JellybeanThere are not many ponies who enjoy the amount of love and attention that our Jelly Bean receives from children who start out on her, then graduate to the big horses. She is one of a kind!

MATILDA - 2001 Dartmoor Pony Mare

Matilda“Matilda” is a favorite pony of the small fries and also loves to teach people of all ages to drive. She is safe, trustworthy and loves her job.

ORCLAND CLEOPATRA - 1997 Morgan Mare

Cleopatra“Cleo” is a favorite among our lesson people! She is sired by the many time World Champion Mtn Laurel Maximilian, and out of a mare who was just three generations away from our Orcutt Family foundation Morgans. Cleo was bred by Ruth and Elizabeth Orcutt, Louise Henry’s mother and sister, and is still technically owned by Lark’s late grandmother (Woody’s mom), the wonderful Vivian Henry. She holds a special place in all our hearts as a true member of our family.

ORCLAND TIGER WOODS - 2000 Saddlebred/Morgan Gelding

Tiger“Tiger” was born to be a lesson horse and has been a star in this vocation. He features the best traits of both breeds and we think he’s lived up to his name as a champion of the greens!


High Steppers Simply Awesome“Bubba” is enjoying his retirement and is now teaching people how to enjoy the fine sport of driving. He has been doing a magnificent job since he arrived almost two years ago. Everyone loves Bubba!

BOXFORD TIA MARIA - 1996 Morgan Mare

Boxford Tia Maria“Tia” was once a World Champion show horse for a wonderful family at Bobbin Hollow. We rescued her two years ago from an unfortunate situation, so now she is one of our retirees that will have a home for the rest of her life!

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