Bobbin Hollow has recently renewed a friendship with the Cicero family, Florida staples in show ponies, after the retirement of Dick Cicero Sr., the renewed interest of Rick Cicero Jr. and the addition of Rick’s pony-loving daughter, Scarlett Cicero.

The Ciceros first brought some of their retired ponies to live at Bobbin Hollow and enjoy semi-retirement as the occasional driving lesson pony and to assist with pasture mowing duties. But then Retired Army Master Sargeant and double amputee Rick decided he wanted to test out his amazing new prosthetics by returning to his love of show ponies.

Veronica Citron of Tampa’s Spectrum Bay News 9 discovered Rick’s path back to ponies and recently compiled a feature story and we’re thrilled to be able to share it here.

Watch for more adventures of Rick, Scarlett and the Cicero ponies!