What our clients say about BHEC

Becky & Two at Summer Fun 2017Bobbin Hollow is truly a remarkable place! After meeting Lark at the Morgan Grand National (where she assisted me railside during my driving class) a few years ago, I knew I wanted to be a part of her training facility. Besides Lark’s incredible talent as an accomplished rider and trainer, she possesses great integrity. The Henry Family have assembled a remarkable team at Bobbin Hollow that make the overall experience, for you and your horse, superb. I am extremely thankful to be associated with this family.” —Becky W.

“I was injured in a riding accident many years ago and I quit riding… My friend introduced me to her training barn, Bobbin Hollow Equestrian Center. I observed this professionally run, SAFETY FIRST show barn for some months… after a time of seeing how Lark, Louise, Woody and Wilman worked, I started to get that desire to ride again! I can’t tell you how patient they were with me. Here I was a 60 year old, insecure and frightened woman taking riding lessons again! I couldn’t be happier. Bobbin Hollow Equestrian Center is my favorite place on the planet to be. I thank my friend for taking me there. And I thank the Bobbin Hollow team for their patience and for keeping me safe. They are wonderful trainers and teachers. I love them all! Thanks BHEC!” —Wallace F.

Alexa & Satchmo 2017“Lark is my mentor. I was ready to give up riding after working with another instructor, then Lark restored my confidence and made me want to try again. I have learned so much from her, I would never be riding and showing at the World Championships if not for her guidance. She is my Barn Mom!” —Alexa D.

“I have an OTTB who was in horrible shape when I adopted him. He has been at BHEC for several years now and is happy and thriving. The horses are truly #1 there. Through illness and health, they have cared for him. I went to see Corey everyday when they were located in Naples, spent numerous hours weekly there and formed so many wonderful relationships. When BHEC relocated, I never gave it a second thought. As much as I have missed him, his happiness and health is more important and he went with them. If you love your horse and  want the best for them, go to BHEC. —Beth B.

“There was no question when BHEC moved to Ocala, I would join in the fun! My good horse had been sitting in a paddock and I hadn’t been riding in several years. Now I’m back on track and loving every minute. Thoroughly professional, innovative and conscientious, this is the place to be to immerse yourself in all things equestrian.—Tami J.