test the waters of horse ownership, 
consider our leasing program!

Enjoy the feeling of ownership without the commitment of a purchase.

Bobbin Hollow Equestrian Center

Love horses, but not quite sure if you’re ready for the purchase plunge? Consider an on-farm lease!

Whether you want your own horse to use for your weekly riding lessons and daily practice or trail rides around our beautiful 89+ acre farm, or you think you might want to try the exciting and competitive world of horse shows, an on-farm lease of one of our BHEC managed horses might be just the solution for you.

Our affordable $500/month lease program includes four (4) lessons per month, plus two (2) “free rides” per week (ride on your own during our regular business hours).

We have old schoolmasters, trail-savvy companions and riding or driving show horses currently available for leasing. It’s a great way to help you decide whether or not you’re ready to step up and purchase your own horse, or to just enjoy the steady familiarity of having your own equine partner for recreational enjoyment.

We have many wonderful horses available to lease. A horse for every endeavor!

  • Performance
  • Academy
  • Lessons or Pleasure
  • Breeding

Below are a few of our currently available horses. We may have others that are not listed, please call or message us and let us know your desires and we’ll work to find the perfect horse for your situation and goals.

Enjoy a closer relationship with horses.


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